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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your company work for Wholesale VOIP?

Answer: Yes we do work for Wholesale Platform.

2. Does your company work for Retail Traffic?

Answer: Yes we do work for retail Traffic.

3. Company registered in United Kingdom?

Answer: yes we are registered company in England and Wales our Registration Numbers is 07453668.

4. Do you have any other point of presence?

Answer: no At this moment we have only one point of presence in London, but planning to get some more in future.

5. Do you have 24 hour 7 days customer service system?

Answer: yes we do have 24/7 customer service, we are committed to answer all emails within 24 hours and also we will be online with MSN to serve our business partner continuously.

6. Does your company import any product from any country?

Answer: Yes we do import all kind of demandable and legal (approved in HM Revenue & Customs UK product list) product here in United Kingdom.

7. Does your company export all kind of Product from United Kingdom?

Answer: Yes we do export all kind of Legal(approved in HM Revenue & Customs UK product list) and Profitable product to any destinations after negotiating with clients.

8. Does your company work in the field of Web design?

Answer: Yes we do work for all kind of web pages, we have a good web designer team who can design any kind of web page within very short time.

9. Do you charge VAT to your customers?

Answer: Yes we do only to UK based customers, by LAW we have to charge VAT (20% during 2011 economic year) to all UK based Customers.

10. Do you accept payment from Paypal, EMS, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Credit card or debit card?

Answer: We only Accept Payment from Bank Transfer and Paypal this is only 2 option we have for our clients.

11. What is your Billing Cycle for wholesale and retail VOIP? Answer: Billing cycle for all our clients is 7 net 3.

12. What is the way to get interconnection with your company?

Answer: Simple just send an email to our email address info@venzard.co.uk, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can download the relevant forms from our Contact>Interconnection page fill them up with necessary detail and attach them in email to us.

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