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Venzard offers voice products for global market . we are dedicated to working with selected channel partners to offer true VoIP services to customers. Venzard have come up with a comprehensive range of services around the core SIP trunk. The company's portfolio of services includes Web services, network solutions, fixed line and mobile services.

Customer Care Our 24x7 Network Operations Center is at your service you can get in touch with them via Phone, email, or IM. We understand the matter of urgency in this trade that is why we are committed to response you within 24 hours.

Features :

Quick and Easy Interconnection Process.

Transparent and flexible Payment Terms.

Market-driven prices for International fixed & mobile voice.

Routing over direct providers reduce ASR & ACD discrepancy.

Constant quality monitoring on routes.

Real time automatic route performance monitoring.

Other Services

Routing over direct providers reduce ASR & ACD discrepancy.

Don’t worry if your technical knowledge is not very good, just leave the technical stuff to us.

SIP Trunking,Web Solution,Carriers.

We always look forward for demandable products targeted towards UK and vice versa. Please get in touch with us with necessary details.

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